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The goal of the Demo2Win Virtual program is simple: Learn a practical, proven set of skills, tools, and methods that both beginning and experienced demo professionals can immediately implement to improve demo execution.

Nick Mamolo, Manager of Solution Architecture - Limeade
"The virtual training with 2Win was better than any in-person training that I've been a part of."

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Don't have a team of people to go through Demo2Win together? No need to feel left out! We offer Demo2Win Virutal with personalized 1:1 coaching for individuals. Click below to get started with your individual 1:1 training from a seasoned demo expert!

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What is included in Demo2Win Virtual?


  • This program consists of highly engaging video-based self-paced learning followed by live, one-on-one virtual coaching from 2Win facilitators around the globe. The videos and exercises guide you in building a real demo or presentation.

Personalized Coaching

  • The virtual coaching session will take place across two 2.5-hour live virtual conferences. You will be challenged to deliver a segment of a presentation or demo based on the structure you have learned. You will receive coaching and just-in-time instruction from your 2Win instructor and small group participants to help point out the positive and the constructive elements related to your Demo2Win! style demonstration.


  • A link to schedule your coaching session will be provided after purchase on the Course Requirements page.
  • Total length of all video lessons: 90 minutes
  • Time needed to complete Exercises: 6-8 hrs
  • Coaching session: 60 minutes
  • Successful completion of your coaching session is required to receive Demo2Win! Certification or Badging.

Build Lasting Connections

We’ll train your team the proven methods to create deep connections with every type of stakeholder and leverage those throughout the demo to drive more insights, value and differentiation.

Deliver Highly Tailored Demos

We’ll train your team how to quickly determine a prospect’s felt needs and present features in terms of felt benefits. Sell more by focusing on your customer’s unique pain and your unique advantages.

Handle Tough Situations

We’ll train your team the resilience and grit they need to persevere in the most difficult situations like disruptive stakeholders, scripted demos and traps set by competitors.

Key benefits of Demo2Win Virtual

  • Ignite immediate and sustainable revenue growth with creative demo and presentation strategies
  • Differentiate complex solutions in a competitive marketplace by selling value vs. features in a demo
  • Shorten sales cycles using more focused, pin-pointed demonstrations that compel a prospect to buy sooner
  • Provide a repeatable demo structure to elicit more efficient and effective demo planning and preparation
  • Increase deal sizes by better illustrating value to the prospect throughout the demonstration
  • Reinforce and complement existing sales processes with strategies that produce rapid results 

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Demo2Win is the default insustry standard for demo training. We're fortunate enough to work with the most respected technology companies in the world, and our coaches are in high demand. Don't hesitate, get started today to ensure your team is ready to execute in any situation that comes there way!

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